Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August the 21st is a good day for my wallet.

Lemme get to the point. Today, on August the 21st, 2007, there were/are three new items on my shopping list.

1) Bedouin Soundclash's Street Gospels

Aw. Don't you just love these guys? It's got to be impossible not to. Just as expected, their new material has a familiar Caribbean vibe. I was listening to the album in the car on my way to and from dinner, where the speakers overemphasize the bass. It wasn't bad though. The cruddy speakers and the album itself reminded my of how often the four-stringed instrument is disregarded. I suggest you look back on some old favourite songs and listen carefully for surprisingly enjoyable bass lines. Anywho, the album comes with some exclusive video footage and a hidden track. Sweet.

Stream the album in its entirety
Walls Fall Down (MP3)
Nico on the Night Train (MP3)
Go Buy It (and recieve a 7'' vinyl while quantities last)

2) Earlimart's Mentor Tormentor

I first heard about Earlimart while looking up some Office tour dates. To add to that, I first found Office accidentally when I was looking up The Office, with Steve Carell. They've got a good sound and some soothing vocal harmonics going on for a few of their tracks. These gems'll be spotted around North America together for an upcoming tour, but more on that later... As in not-during-this-post later.

Everybody Knows Everybody (MP3)
The Hidden Track (MP3)
Go Buy It

3) House Season Three.

I know, not exactly music, but oh man, I'm so addicted to this show. What's gonna happen now that Mr. House's employees are all gone? What's gonna happen know that that Penn kid, best known for his role as Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle, is supposedly cast as a reoccurring character?

Massive Attack - Teardrop (MP3)
Madness - Our House (MP3)
Buy the DVDs

Yup. My wallet lost a lot of weight today.

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