Saturday, September 8, 2007

Swollen Summer

Even though I'm not in school anymore, the coming of September still brings a both a thrill and shudder to mind. Those years from Kindergarten to OAC really makes you believe that September should be the start of a new year and not January. I've got a couple of projects lined up in the fall that I'm very excited but I wish that summer will never end. The last few months have been so much fun! Oh the sights that we saw, the places we went, the people whom were there, the randomness that ensued! And of course, the free shows. These are just a couple I remember.

Hawksley Workman and the Stills-Harbourfront Centre June 4
It was a night down by the waterfront with the promise of summer and while lot of people were there to see the Stills, it was Hawksley who blew the roof off the building. He is such a charismatic frontman and when he performed "rain" from his last album, Treeful of Starling, I couldn't stop smiling.

Hawksley Workman - Rain

Final Fantasy-Harbourfront Centre July 1
I love the harbourfront, one of these days I will own property there. This was a Canada Day show with fireworks at the end. The atmospherics and the wide range of instruments in these two acts makes it an interesting choice for a Canada Day celebration since normally, more mainstream acts would be chosen for such an event. But then again, why not?

Final Fantasy - Peach Plum Pear

Two Hours Traffic-Horseshoe Tavern July 24
What can I say? These guys make music that'll turn your frown upside down (my quote, not theirs). I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. These guys have a sound that'll rival the big names of east coast pop-rock.

Two Hours Traffic - Stuck for the Summer

Sloan and the Golden Dogs-CNE August 29
It was my first introduction to the Golden Dogs, whom my friend had been telling about for years, and probably my 3rd time seeing Sloan. We got to see what we came to see: Chris Murphy doing a scissor kick! We all bobbed our heads and sang along to the songs. They are such a consistently good band.

Sloan - Ill Placed Trust

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