Saturday, September 15, 2007

This Isn't Love, It's Just a Point of Reference

Two Hours Traffic. This should be familiar to you. Perhaps you remember the phrase from the prologue to Romeo and Juliet, or perhaps you've heard of the band being mentioned twice on this blog already, despite Impressionable Youth only being a few posts old. Well, I mention them again this time because they're offering one lucky person an iPod Touch. Le Gasp! You have to understand that I've never actually owned any form of iPod. It's kinda sad... I have to borrow my dad's... And I can't put it on shuffle or else I'll end up listening to a bunch of Chinese songs. I wanna know what it feels like to have one of my very own! All I need you to do, is click here:

Isn't that a beauty? The more clicks I get, the better my chances are of winning. Simple, free and it spares only a second more of your time.

Go Stream Their Latest Album Now!

Moving on now.

There are two reasons that I am posting onwards. My sister, Edie, has become very excited with this whole "blogging" business. I think even more excited than I. I can't let her become more dominant than myself by possessing so many more posts than me. Secondly, since it seems that I am constantly talking about the same bands, I figured I should introduce a new one to the stage.

Five Blank Pages. They are a group of four people, Noyan Hilmi, his sister Chelen Hilmi, and his girlfriend Pinar Ozyetis. Rajiv Thavanathan joined later on. I have no idea how to correctly pronounce any of their names, if that's what you were about to ask. They're an Ontario based band that travels the province playing various shows. Let's see; multi-culturally diverse band, Canadian, more than decent music. Looks like we're on to something? It would be nice to go see their upcoming October 19th show at the Horseshoe Tavern, but alas, I'm not of age for the show. I should have known. Anywho, the title of this post is a rather memorable lyric from the first song below. Enjoy!

Five Blank Pages - Point of Reference (MP3)
Five Blank Pages - Richie T (MP3)
Go Buy Their CD


Ooh, I almost forgot to mention this. Impressionable Youth has its first official reader/supporter! Yay! Go visit her at Nanette's Dog Blog or learn of, read about and buy some delicious, nutritious treats for your beloved canine at Temple Treats.

Cheers to you, Nanette!


Nanette said...

Hi Edie's sister! I have (finally) added your blog to my blogroll. My apologies for taking so long but it is there now and I will make it up to you by clicking on the link to win a free ipod three billion and four times today (give or take three billion.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Someone named mylene is aggressively running into the contest lead!