Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oceans will Rise

Everytime I hear the first strains of guitar in the "Still in Love Song", it reminds me of when I was young, optimistic and still believed I could change the world for the better. I remember that during that year or so, which was maybe 2003, when the Stills came onto the scene, that something great in music was about to happen. Now whether or not there was a renaissance in indie rock is debatable, but I still associate the Stills with this promise.

I loved this kind of music: melodic, moody, somewhat 80s-ish, and every so often, there was a hint of optimism. And I still love the phrase, Logic will break your heart. It's probably the most accurate description of life ever (apologies to all the philosophers out there).

And then their second album came out. It was rootsier and blues-ier and a radical departure from before. I couldn't comprehend it. Where were the Stills I loved?

They brought back the sonic atmospheres and themes of Logic on Oceans Will Rise, but the latter's got more weight to it. It's less self indulgent, more confident and more aware. The dreamlike quality and self-loathing whines of earlier tracks have been toned down. And while it's obvious that after x number of years, a band should evolve and mature, but here it seems as seems more important. It's like learning to life out your dream, but with healthy dose of reality.

The Stills - Snake Charming (mp3)(buy)

The Stills - Statues of Sirens (mp3) (buy)

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