Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Silent Years

The Silent Years' new album, The Globe, drops on iTunes today, although the physical copies won't be available until the 26th of this month. This Detroit band has been building up quite the indie following since their 2006 debut self-titled album. In fact, they're so pumped about their NEW album, that they're offering their entire FIRST album for free!

The Silent Years - The Silent Years (FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

Now I'll be completely honest. When I first listened to the album, I had it as background noise while I played Mine Sweeper, expert mode. It was an intense game. I wasn't paying much attention to the music. The Globe debuted in my Windows Media Player with two stars as its default rating. Thankfully, I gave it a second chance. No more little grey boxes with numbers and flags to distract me. The thing with an album like this, that showcases the softer side of rock is that it might not strike you immediately. The Silent Years are not about having a single voice, or a particular riff or instrument demand your attention. Rather, the Silent Years are about a blend of these things and the subtlety of the end result. I almost feel as though the album is an understatement within itself, simply because it refuses the idea of having a single stand-out quality as the basis of an entire song. All of the qualities work to compliment each other. Needless to say, it gained a star or two on my media player. It takes some focus, and perhaps multiple listens. With just a little patience you'll understand.

Care for a free sample of their latest work?

The Silent Years - Black Hole (mp3) (buy)

If only to judge by this single, and their previous album, I'd say it'll be worth it to take a gander at The Globe.

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