Thursday, November 6, 2008

Second Chances

I saw Au Revoir Simone open for Voxtrot last summer the Sneaky Dee's in Toronto and it didn't leave a lasting impression. Their set was neither good nor bad, but I was a bit disappointed since I've heard good things about them. Au Revoir Simone had dropped from my musical radar until the song "Lark (remixed by Ruff & Jam)" arrived in my inbox. I had not heard any of their recordings up until this point, but it's worth another shot.

Au Revoir Simone are releasing Reverse Migration, a collection of their favorite remixes and cover versions their friends have created from their last EP, The Bird of Music. It's out Nov. 11, 2008, the album features contributions from The Teenagers, Darkel of AIR, Montag, Best Fwends, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, Pacific! and more.

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