Friday, December 12, 2008

Investment Opportunity

Wanna be jump into the stock market game? Wanna be part of the music business? Wanna help Patrick Wolf make his next album? Wanna do all three at the same time? Well now you can.

The Guardian UK and NME report that by signing up with Bandstocks and paying a £10 fee, you can become a stakeholder in Mr. Wolf's sucess by covering the cost of recording.

"Basically, you can invest in the finishing of the album and the production, and you get a share in the album," Wolf explained to NME. "So you almost become part of the record company, like a co-owner." He states that investors will get special editions first copies of the album as well as exclusive tracks. Together with the backers, Wolf will "get to conquer the world together and show that independence and self-sufficiency are the two ways forward and out of the mess the industry is in". Hey, if it already comes with the upcoming double disc, it's well worth the £10 or $25 Canadian conversion.

The album will be titled Battle, and will have one disc of "pure nihilistic battle" sad songs and the other one will about the happier "battles of love". It will be out on Wolf's own independent Bloody Chamber Music.

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (mp3) (buy)

Patrick Wolf - Stars (mp3) (buy)

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