Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Light From Your Mac

The Rakes have graced us with a new track. These guys are always able to charm me with their swaggering English drawl, catchy guitar riffs and most of all, their devilishly cheeky lyrics. Can't get much cheekier than this one:

The Rakes - The Light From Your Mac (mp3) (Can't buy it yet. Be patient)

I'm charmed, just buy looking at the name of that track. It's starts out like a modern day lullaby, just bass and vocals. It's cold during some obscure hour of the night. "The light from your Mac cuts through the gloom like moonlight" as Donohoe innocently suggests that you go off to bed. He tells you some anecdote about why you shouldn't ever leave London, New York or L.A. and you feel all safe and warm while he's telling you your bedtime stories.

And still,

I could crash on your sofa
That's not what I am here for
We could do spoons or more
Just don't show me the fucking futon
Yeah your brother be right
Don't let me stay tonight
I'm drunk and you are tired
Don't let me stay tonight

How could you not be charmed by that?

Look out for their third album, KLANG, on the 23rd of March.

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Anonymous said...

i love this song and obviously the band.. i'm from italy, be sure i'll go to see them in bologna;) can you post the all lyrics of this song? thanks! ciao