Friday, March 6, 2009

Addition, Subtraction

Here are some recent additions and subtractions to music.

Barenaked Ladies minus Steven Page:

(Is something... missing?)

If you haven't already heard, Steven Page has left the Barenaked Ladies. According to the latest blog post on the band's official site, the remaining four members of the band will continue to tour without him, while he pursues his own projects, and perhaps some theatrical work.

Growing up, Steven Page was always the face of the band for me. It just... won't be the same without him now.

Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

Bedouin Soundclash minus Pat Pengelly plus one video:

Wow, it's really a tough time for Canadian bands, huh? Pat Pengelly, the Bedouin Soundclash drummer, announced that he was leaving the band in January, but I didn't find out until recently so it's pretty upsetting for me. Jay and Eon will still be at it. They'll be supporting in the upcoming No Doubt Tour which is pretty exciting stuff.

Also, they've got a new video for the track Hearts in the Night, available exclusively during this month at the David Suzuki Organization website. Watch it here! And while you're there, why not take the Suzkui Nature Challenge?

Bedouin Soundclash - Hearts in the Night (mp3) (Amazon) (iTunes)

These Electric Lives plus a new song:

Right, right, this is just over a month old too, but better to post it late than never, correct?

These Electric Lives are a four piece Toronto band you probably don't know, but you should SO totally know. It's the good type of pop-rock. You know, the wholesome kind that you can dance to. Don't they look like such wholesome boys?

Well according to their myspace status, they are hard at work in the studio, so maybe we'll finally get an LP in the near future. Seriously, guys! I've had your EP for way too long. It's like you're just taunting me now!

These Electric Lives - Called It Off (mp3) (not yet available for purchase)

The Rakes plus one video:

The Rakes have just uploaded a new video for the single 1989 and it features the band roaming Berlin, toppling dinosuars, riding rollercoasters andthings of the like. Oh, those boys and their silly antics. I'd have it no other way.

The third album, KLANG, hits the world on March 23rd.

The Airborne Toxic Event minus a voice, minus some shows:

Mikel Jolett, head of the Airborne Toxic Event, was suffering from chronic laryngitis, as described in the video, and the band had to cancel a few shows, also as described in the video.

More recently however, things seemed well enough to proceed and they came up to Toronto for their scheduled tour date. They did a single song set at 102.1 the Edge and stayed a little to chat with the people who showed up for them. I got to talk to Mikel (who was ever so sweet), Steven (who agreed to high-five me 'cause we're both Asian, YEAH), and Anna (who had the most awesome specs). You can watch the performance here:

Mikel's vocal chords managed through their complete show at the Mod Club that night, but things have gotten worse. So now it's chronic laryngitis, coupled with a throat infection, coupled with a fever of 102. Dear boy, please take care of yourself! As a result, the Ottawa and Montreal shows have also been canceled.

If you have the time, please send your love, get well wishes and warm tea over to their official site, myspace, or youtube account.

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