Thursday, April 9, 2009

Through and Through and Through

It's not "west-side", it's "3."

Joel Plaskett is no stranger to concept albums, after all, his previous disc was a (fictional?) tale about teenagers, bandmates, a place called Ashtray Rock and a "1940's beauty."

His latest release, Three is a triple disc set. Yeah, you read it right. THREE. Yet even though there are three discs, it is not a pompous self absorbed effort. Clocking in at about an hour and a half total, it is quite the opposite. The ever humble Mr. Plaskett decided on the three disc format after joking that there were so many songs with titles that repeat three times that it should be a triple disc set.

The songs have a very grown-up take on the life of a travelling musician, about the love of performing life music but also about being home. Disc one has themes of leaving home, disc two about playing music and disc three is all about coming back home. Just listening to it, it sounds like Plaskett and his bandmates/backup singers had a great time in the recording studio and its that love of music that make all the trials and tribulations he mentions in the songs worth it in the end. And that love of music, combined with clever songwriting, keeps it compelling for us, the listener, too!

Joel Plaskett - Through and Through and Through
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Joel Plaskett - Shine On Shine On Shine On
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