Thursday, May 14, 2009

What an Ending

The melodic Five Blank Pages have seen many changes in their line-up, had many supporting musicians and made plenty of friends around the city. They've been a part of the Toronto indie scene since I realized my fascination with music. It's a little bit of a blow to the whole tapestry of things, now that they've announced their final show.

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon them, or even how I came to own their entire discography. I think I bought their first EP during Music World's closing sale, and their LP during a Record Store Day. I'll admit that while neither were regulars to my CD player, they mark one of my first steps into discovering new music and hold a special place in my collection. In any case, when I got the email about the disband, I was a tad upset.

The last show is to be part of Toronto's eighth annual Over the Top Festival. They'll be taking over the Mod Club, along with friends Oh No Forest Fires and the Boys Who Say No on May 23rd for one last romp before it's over. Expect a trumpeter, trombonist, cellist and violinist to join them on stage for some of their more orchestral songs. I guess since they're going out, they're going out with a bang. It's licensed and all ages; they want everyone to come.

In front man Noyan Hilmi's words:
After five years and hundreds of performances, it has come time to play our final show as Five Blank Pages. Since 2003, we've worked very hard and done so much. Our lives are now moving on to place other priorities ahead of the band. It was only a matter of time until the scales would tip, thereby putting Five Blank Pages behind us. It would only feel right to signal the end of the band with a celebration of what we've accomplished, who we've had the pleasure of working with, and the music we've created. We want you to join us for the last Five Blank Pages show. We've worked hard to make it as special as possible and for everyone to be able to attend.

They won't be leaving fans emptyhanded though. The Young Glow EP is their parting gift. It'll be available at the show on the 23rd in special edition packaging, hand numbered and all, and on iTunes and their website later this year. Here's a little taste of the 4 track EP.

Five Blank Pages - What An Ending
(mp3) (not yet avialable for purchase)

And as a little treat, here's one from their first EP, Spaces to Occupy and Abandon, and one from the Last Blush album.

Five Blank Pages - Point of Reference
(mp3) (amazon) (iTunes)
Five Blank Pages - Marrow (mp3) (amazon) (iTunes)

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