Friday, June 5, 2009

Sparkling White

When I first saw the words "Sparkling White" on my computer screen in cursive font, I started thinking toothpastes, dish detergents and other cleansing products. But now, now I think of good ol' Toronto indie.

Sparkling White is a band that's got a simple but effective zeitgeist. Their mySpace page, default layout, is adorned only with three songs and one video. Their influences are "good music" and they sound like "sparkling white". Their bio: "We met, and now we play."

Fair enough.

Sparkling White - Which Way (mp3)
Sparkling White - Checkers (mp3)
Sparkling White - Lie With Me (mp3)

Maybe I'm just an old soul longing for a return of the 90's, but I hear a bit of that decade in Sparkling White. Probably a result of the generally optimistic pop-rock melodies and gritty production quality, both of which I am a fan of. Couple that with some endearing never-more-complicated-than-they-need-to-be lyrics, like Which Way's
"She's browsing at the book store
I'd like to know more
About what she's reading"
and you've got yourself a decent choice for a summer anthem. It's tunes like these that bring an unexpected smile to your face when you've got your iPod on shuffle.

Sparkling White will play Rancho Relaxo on June 10th, so go check 'em out if you can. It's Mexican food and feel-good music. It's a win-win situation!

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