Monday, August 3, 2009

Stars Brightest at Civil Twilight

Okay, I'll admit it. I thought Civil Twilight was a Canadian band named after the Weakerthans song. But no, it's a band from Cape Town, South Africa and Los Angeles. Also, according to Wikipedia, during civil twilight circumstances, "the horizon is clearly visible, and terrestrial objects are easily perceptible, without artificial light."

"South Africa can be a hard place to explain," drummer Richard Wouters explains on their official site. "It's very heavily influenced by American and British bands, but it also has this aspect to it that's totally unique. Being situated at the tip of Africa, and with its history as both a British and Dutch colony, we kind of create our own worlds." In 2005, they moved to Los Angeles and guitarist Andrew McKeller remarks "we'd kind of always wanted to come and live [in the US]. Musically it's so huge and there's so much going on. America is an incredible place to start something new, to start over. It has an air about it that makes dreaming big possible."

Civil Twilight - Soldier (mp3) (buy)

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Miriam said...

When I first heard Civil Twilight, they blew me away! This is exactly what we need, foreign bands (the Beatles, U2, The Who)to wake Americans up and get us on our feet again. So thank you, three dudes from South Africa. May you become legend.