Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's the Fire?

Where's the fire? I'll tell you what it's at. In Newfoundland.


Oh No Forest Fires is headlining the Wallsaway Arts and Music Festival in St. John's Newfoundland on August the 29th. I've been meaning to write about these guys since I saw them live at the Mod Club with Five Blank Pages and the Boys Who Say No. Beforehand I knew that they were a pretty big Toronto indie landmark, but with a cute name like "Oh No Forest Fires" and an EP called "The War On Geometry" I wasn't expecting the explosion of epic-awesome hyper pop that they delivered that night.

There's was so much energy on the stage when they came on, I just didn't know what to do. Frontman Rajiv Thavanathan was going ape shit, bouncing off walls, equipment and other people. I was worried he was going to hurt himself, or someone else. There were instruments being swung around and poor life advice being tossed at the youth (it was an all ages show). Damn it was a good night!

Oh No Forest Fires - It's Not Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye (mp3) (iTunes) (amazon)

If you're into something a little more chill, visit Secret Sessions at TARA to download a live acoustic set.

And if you're in the Toronto area like I am, check 'em out at Lee's Palace on September 25th with the Balconies, Fox Jaws and Whale Tooth. I highly reccomend it. Oh No Forest Fires isn't just a band. It's an experience.

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