Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birdmonster and good intentions

A lot of times, things get lost in my inbox because of the amount that gets submitted and it's definitely not aided by my own horrendous organizational skills. So when I started to go through some earlier emails, I was very upset that I missed the email containing an advance copy of Birdmonster's new EP. There's something incredibly satisfying and pretentious about hearing music before everyone else is allowed to. It was already released by the time I read the email and I missed the chance this time, but I enjoyed the EP anyway.

After releasing their second full-length album last year, Birdmonster sifted through the casualties, the sketches, the b-sides and the ideas. The collected a group of eight songs and comprised them on this Blood Memory EP. A tad darker than their previous releases, Blood Memory opens with the brightest track on the EP, I Might Have Guessed (the mean version, no less) and still one of the first lyrics we hear are "I might be blessed you're breaking my heart".

Birdmonster - I Might Have Guessed (mean version) (mp3) (iTunes)

It's an EP of ballads and sure to induce some lighter and cell phone waving at the shows. It's incredibly human, and each time I listen in on the simple but dramatic lyrics it makes me think that these guys have got the world all figured out. Call it lazy journalism if you must, but I don't think I can describe it any better than they did. So in Birdmonster's words:

"We found a world desperate for gunfights, confrontations with The Man On High, journeys through ice by way of the desert; a world where the ancient songs flow off your tongue sure as instinct, like memories your ancestors left flowing in your blood. If its predecessor was a stab at something concise and singular, this was a world of extremities; one where loud guitars eventually give way to desperate banjos, settling to a bed of acoustics and messy piano lines. I was left wondering, Could I have intended this all from the start?"

In any case, they must have started out with some pretty good intentions in the first place.


bleu said...

I like the other version of this song. I came across it on another blog a good while back, but this song just sounds better at a slower, softer pace.

* * * * said...

That's a lush song! Great site!