Friday, September 18, 2009

Paper Cranes

The Paper Cranes, a husband and wife indie-pop duo from Victoria, BC has expanded into a roster of more than two. That's just as well, their last outing of infectious pop with super cute lyrics will require more energy and the more the merrier. As well as hanging more musicians onstage, this will is something that will find a bigger audience with the indie kids who dance in public, like bright colours and are drawn to shiny things.

So after years of supporting other acts and becoming the darlings to watch out for within the indie writers circle (ie. Pitchfork, Chartattack and CBC), they've returned with a shiny pop-rock album, Chivalry's Dead.

Paper Cranes - Solid Clouds (mp3) (buy)

Paper Cranes - Chivalry's Dead
(mp3) (buy)

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