Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Montreal's Flotilla sounds rich. Not rich in a mo-money-mo-problems way. But rich in the way people speak about Belgium Chocolates or leather armchairs or engineered hardwood flooring. This is a whole new level of sophistication. Wine-swirling, candle-lighting, cheese-eating sophistication. You might as well invite some architects, archeologists, artists, writers and Frasier Crane over for a soiree and use this as your playlist.

I'm not saying that it's music for snobs. Far from it. It's definitely polished. It's also got distinctively pretty sound with elements of jazz, cabaret, folk, electronica and rock, held together with classical compositions and enheightened with Veronica Charnley's ethereal voice. It has an air of art school quirkiness to it, cultured but different.

It's an interesting mix and not something you come across everyday. It's also no wonder "Flotilla's One Hundred Words For Water stands out as one of the most original and engaging albums released by a new Canadian group recently" by Exclaim! magazine.

Flotilla - A Thousand Jacobs
(mp3) (buy)

Flotilla - Clouds
(mp3) (buy)

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