Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Livin' the Dream

Reed KD is following a dream. It takes guts to do so. And I can't word it better than what's he's got on his official press release about the track "Space Vacuums" off of his latest When the Comet Comes:

" 'Space Vacuums' was written at a crossroads in Reed's life that most can identify with: the pressure of growing older, finding a job and settling down. Reed took a different path. He quit his job, bought a van, started his own record label and set off across the country. He says, "There's no mystery on where my priorities landed me. 'Space Vacuums' is a haven for dreamers and idealists."

Reed KD - Space Vacuums (mp3) (buy)

Reed KD - If the Tide Swings (mp3) (buy)

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