Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mickey Gang

This is the third official installment of the Impressionable Youth Tardy Series. Sometimes (a lot of the times) great music ends up getting lost in our inbox. If we eventually find it and like it, you'll see it here. It's old news, but it's good news. Sorry we were tardy!

The Band: Mickey Gang

The Album: Horses Can't Dance 7" and We Have Feelings Too EP

Date Received: July 31, 2009

Why You Should Give It A Listen If You Haven't Already:
I remember reading a press release or article about the Mickey Gang that stated these young Brazilian lads made "Julian Casablancas and co look positively old aged." I scoffed at the comment but it's a little bit true. I'm only in my twenties and it makes me feel a little bit old. It's high energy, breezy neon coloured synth-pop with just a hint of dirtiness that could only be made by carefree youth. It's what the Teenagers would sound like if they were teenagers.

Mickey Gang - Born in the 90's (mp3) (buy)

Mickey Gang - Horses Can't Dance
(mp3) (buy)

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