Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, It's So Quiet

Malmo, Sweden's Fredrik has just released their full lenth Trilogi, comprised of 3 EPs entitled Holm, Ava and Ner, signifying the "Frozen Forest Island," "Water Through Sound" and the "Inside Underground." According to a press release, "together they represent a trilogy of contemporized viewpoints of the Lovecraftian dream passage - orientation at great cost and understanding at the risk of sanity."

A mix of folk elements and electronica, it creates a trippy, baroque soundscape that's dark and mysterious. First single "Locked in the basement" has soothing melodies, interjected with striking electronic beats; it's like a lullaby, but it won't let you put your guard down. It's like being in a cabin in the woods at night, listening to the sound of the wind and the crickets. You know you're safe and sound, but the vast, inky expanse of night conjures up danger, mystery and intrigue.

Fredrik -Mujina/Locked in the Basement
(mp3) (buy)

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