Monday, November 16, 2009

Tardy Series - Little Big Adventure

This is the second official installment of the Impressionable Youth Tardy Series. Sometimes (a lot of the times) great music ends up getting lost in our inbox. If we eventually find it and like it, you'll see it here. It's old news, but it's good news. Sorry we were tardy!

The Band: Little Big Adventure

The Album: The Hateful Eye EP

Date Received: April 28, 2009

Why You Should Give It A Listen If You Haven't Already:

1. One man band Magnus Sätterström is from Sweden, which has an extremely high good music/population ratio.
2. Signed by Labrador.
3. The band is named after a 1994 PC game.
4. The songs are about apparently about anger, but I don't know if I believe that when there are xylophones, piano plinks and pop-synthesizers involved.

Little Big Adventure - Happiest Times (mp3) (buy)

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