Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Say Party! We Say CONTEST!

You Say Party! We Say Die! are hitting up the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on November 20th in support of their most recent release, XXXX. Joining these British Columbia indie darlings will be DJ Vaneska, Montreal's Think About Life and Toronto's own Little Girls. Expect fun, and dancing. Lots, and lots of dancing!

Oh, and by the way. One of you charming readers are getting a pair of tickets to the show. Yeah, baby. All you gotta do is be 19+ and email impressionableyouth@gmail.com with "You Say Party, We Say CONTEST" in the subject line by noon (EST) on lucky Friday November the 13th. Include your full name and the best way to reach you, by phone or email, and we will contact you that evening should you win. If you're superstitious, try not to walk beneath ladders, spill salt or cross a black cat that day. Good luck!

You Say Party! We Say Die! - Laura Palmer's Prom (mp3) (amazon) (iTunes)
Think About Life - Johanna (mp3) (amazon) (iTunes)
Little Girls - Growing (mp3) (amazon) (iTunes)

And just so you know, I'm really hoping you win. You in particular, because out of all our readers, you're my favourite.

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