Thursday, December 10, 2009

Audio Blood + Third Estate's Jingle Bell Rock

The first major snow fall of the year has taken Toronto. Yeah. Hey Winter, fuck you too! So the festive spirit hasn't descended upon me yet, but I'm sure this upcoming show will brighten up the winters of many of my fellow Toronto-nians.

You've probably already heard all about it even before you visited our humble blog. Audio Blood is a relatively new Toronto-based publicity/artist development company that's been helping to promote the local music scene, and they've been doing a pretty great job of it so far. They've even given us here at the Impressionable Youth blog quite a lot of the news and music that we've passed onto you too! Thanks, Audio Blood! Well, Audio Blood has teamed up with Third Estate (expect some really sweet swag and merch from these guys) to bring you "Jingle Bell Rock", happening at the Horseshoe Tavern this Saturday December 12th. It's going to feature four of Toronto's most engaging bands, The Balconies, Clothes Make the Man, Make Your Exit and Oh No Forest Fires! It's a guaranteed good time!

The Balconies - The Slo (mp3) (iTunes)

Clothes Make the Man - Telescopes (mp3) (iTunes)

Make Your Exit - Leave This Town (mp3) (iTunes)

Oh No Forest Fires - It's Not Fun And Games Unless Someone Loses An Eye (mp3) (iTunes)

Here's a video featuring all four bands getting into the holiday spirit. It's just like Christmas at home with the folks!

Get in on the festivities at the Horseshoe Tavern on Dec. 12th! Doors at 9 PM, $7 cover.

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