Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Magic

I will never get tired of post-punk, fuzzed out, reverb heavy synth rock with whiffs of dazed romanticism. It'll never happen. If it does, it'll either mean that:

a) my hearing is completely gone or
b) my heart is actually made of stone or
c) why would I even discuss this? It'll never happen.

Enter the Magic Wands. Their Magic, Love and Dreams EP is appropriately titled, a dreamy landscape of drum machines, echo-ey vocals and shoegaze weirdness. It's the perfect example of the type of sound I'm talking about. It's like a continuation of groups ranging from Blondie to OMD to the Jesus and Mary Chain to Cocteau Twins to the Raveonettes to the Handsome Furs. Their full length EP is out in June and I'm hoping they keep the tradition alive.

Magic Wands - Black Magic (mp3) (buy)

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