Monday, January 11, 2010

Can't Stop the Fire

I think there are two types of bar bands:

1. Those consisting of local indie kids who exude mad bubbly energy jumping up and down on the stage, inviting the audience to do the same. These are the bands who you drag your friends to see and drink and dance the night away.
2. Then there are those who are more refined. Where the music is arcane and complex (or pretentious) and it requires thinking and admiring from afar.

Most bands are a mix of these two types. Some lean towards the first group (ie. Weezer) and some lean towards the second (ie. Radiohead), but there's always some interchangeability.

The Balconies lean towards the first group. With boy-girl vocals, strong riffs and lots of sing-along choruses, their energetic guitar pop already makes me want to dance like the token drunk girl at their next show.

The Balconies - Smells like Secrets (mp3) (iTunes)

Go see them live:

Jan. 28 @ Clark Hall Pub, KINGSTON
Jan. 30 @ L'Absynthe, MONTREAL (w. The Darcys)
Feb. 3 @ Tantramarsh Pub Mount Allison, SACKVILLE (w. The Darcys, By Divine Right)
Feb. 6 @ Seahorse Tavern, HALIFAX
Feb. 26 @ Blacksheep Inn, OTTAWA (w. The Golden Dogs)

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