Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is the fourth official installment of the Impressionable Youth Tardy Series. Sometimes (a lot of the times) great music ends up getting lost in our inbox. If we eventually find it and like it, you'll see it here. It's old news, but it's good news. Sorry we were tardy!

The Band: Sambassadeur

The Album: European

Date Received: Got a notice in Nov. 2009 that the band were working on a new album. We're so tardy, we're actually early by default this time! The band is finished their recording and will be releasing European on Feb. 23, 2010.

Why You Should Give It A Listen If You Haven't Already:
It's orchestral. It's earthy 70's folk. It's Swedish twee-pop and it's light, airy and sunny. It makes me picture a picnic with a significant other, a gingham sheet and wicker basket and fluffy clouds overhead. It's dreamy and seemingly devoid of modern cynicism and every once in a while, you need that.

Sambassadeur - Days (mp3) (buy)

Sambassadeur - Stranded (mp3) (buy)

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