Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dance music. What is it really? What makes it that makes us want to put on our dancing shoes? What is it that makes us wanna dress up and go out and bring our A-game?

Chicago based dance-rockers Kid Savant want the night to last forever. They're able to take that feeling and create a four minute pop song that references everything from Pink Floyd-inspired funk rock to modern piano rock and infuse it with bass-heavy club-friendly trance. It's not an easy mixture to do well and they certainly manage to pull it off. This is dance music, but there's also an emotional resonance that is often lacking in typical dance music. Inspired by DJ sets in Montreal, they bring a synth-heavy-electro-rock sound and add elements of house and techno over top. It's got a grainy quality, not in terms of production quality, but like that sound you hear when you're at a noisy club where there's alot of excitement and the music just washes over you.

It's dance. It's pop. But its complexity and delivery makes it so much more.

Kid Savant - Ominous Dance Floor (mp3) (buy)

Kid Savant - Better Side of Paradise (mp3) (buy)

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