Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Babe

Most handshakes won't make a significant impact on your life. You shake a hand, you mentally judge the person on how weak or strong their grip was. You wipe your palm on your jeans because their hand was rather sweaty, and you move on.

When Hamilton, Ontario's Matt Paxton was a year old, his parents took him to see Bob Dylan who was in town to to shoot a film that would never go on to be released. The two shook hands that day. As I said, most handshakes won't have much of an impact on your life. This might just have been one of those happy exceptions. Matt Paxton is all about pretty melodies, intricate guitar lines and simple lyrics that capture human complexity. Complete the sound with a warm and honest voice, and you might start to think there really was something to that hand that was shaken years ago.

Matt's second full-length, Until the Sky Begins to Change, is scheduled for release during the summer of this year. In anticipation of that, he's giving us one new track off the upcoming album. Your heart doesn't stand a chance against it.

If Dear Babe doesn't break your heart, it's going to warm and melt it.

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