Friday, March 19, 2010

The Long Now

Melbourne, Australia's Children Collide is huge in their native country. They've sold out multiples shows and are headlining major festivals. They've also been touring relentlessly here for the past few months, playing three shows at last week's Canadian Music Fest and jetting off to SXSW and a few other states for more shows. They've just finished recording their sophomore LP, set for release later this year.

Their debut, the Long Now, is filled with angular guitar, high energy and spastic performances. Their songs are brash and giddy with excitement, drawing influences from grunge, electro-clash and punk. All this gets transferred into some powerful rock. And if this is any indication of the next album, I'd say the momentum is definitely building for these guys in North America.

Children Collide - Social Currency
(mp3) (buy)

Children Collide - Skeleton Dance(mp3) (buy)

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