Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing The Rassle

Something magical happens when you put a virgin in a room with two young lords. Get your mind of of the gutter, you sick bastard. I'm talking about this new band that's made up of old members of the Virgins and the Young Lords. They're called the Rassle, they're from NYC and they're kind of fantastic.

Introducing the Rassle EP Track List:

2. Full Speed Ahead
3. Wild Ones
4. Born Free

Did you just glance over the titles on this four-track EP and suddenly feel motivated to seize the day? Because I did. If the band has a thesis statement to make, it's that today is rather glorious and you should make the best of it, being the young-free-wild-amazing thing that you are. The Rassles take your New York indie rock sound, give it a southern edge, a charismatic vocal drawl and set it all to lyrics to live by.

In the Rassle's own words:

Once upon a time, we were members of the Virgins and the Young Lords. We teamed up a couple months ago and recorded these songs in our apartment with a 50 dollar mic and an old computer. We think they turned out pretty good. We try and stay optimistic. It ain't easy in these rough and tumble times.

Well, alright then. I can dig that. You can stream the EP in full over at the Rassles' mySpace page. Expect tour dates soon.

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Anonymous said...

The Rassle's music is full of life and lifts your spirit. They are awesome, awesome, awesome! Can't wait for live shows...Full Speed Ahead and lets Celebrate the Days.