Thursday, May 27, 2010

Levi's Cover Songs

Nope, I'm not referring to Matthew McConaughey's adorable son's favourite bedtime songs.

Levi's (the iconic jeans company) has started a series of sessions call "Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings". They've asked artists from different musical genres to record a musical track that is special to them. Best part, they're giving these songs away almost free (provided you sign up for a promotional newsletter you can totally ignore and send away as spam)! Two new cover tunes each week for 6 weeks!

The Swell Season is one of the first to put out a song. "Young Hearts Run Free" is originally a 1976 disco tune. Yes, that's right, disco! Don't worry, The Swell Season put their own spin on the song and it works beautifully.

Check out the Levi's Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings. There are many more fantastic artists such as She and Him, Dirty Projectors and Jason Mraz in the coming weeks that will be discussing their choice for cover tunes.

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