Monday, June 7, 2010

Listen Honey

Every so often, I get an album that I can't stop listening to. These are the ones that get played on repeat in the car stereo. You know, the ones that only have one CD drive and are not adaptable to mp3 technology. Out sheer addiction to the songs (and laziness), the Tails' self titled album is one I can't stop listening to.

A little info about the Tails: they're two cousins from South Beach, California who engaged in many years of musical rivalry over who can write a better song. Somewhere along the line, they decided to join forces, hire Robb MacLean as producer and thus begot a self titled EP.

They've got insanely catchy tunes that just ask to be put on repeat. It's like musical candy. It seems light and sugary at first, but the lyrics are deceptively sly. It's such good stuff, can I have some more?

The Tails - Surely (mp3) (myspace)

The Tails - Appreciate (mp3) (myspace)

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