Monday, August 2, 2010

Civic Holiday... um, Simcoe Day!

It's the August long weekend here in Toronto. Widely known as Civic Holiday, it is beloved for breaking up the dog days of summer. But it's also known as Simcoe Day in Toronto, Mountie Day in North York, Colonel By Day in Ottawa, George Hamilton Day in Hamilton, British Columbia Day in British Columbia, Heritage Day in Alberta, as well as various other names in other provinces and municipalities (Wikipedia told me so). Oh Civic Holiday, why didn't we just stick to one unifying name?

In celebration of this holiday that seems to have an identity crisis across Canada, I present Broken Social Scene's new video for their single Forced to Love. Awesome song, trippy video. I generally dislike describing something as "trippy" because really, what does that mean? But this video is what I imagine hallucinating would be like.

I also highly suggest picking up the CD (Forgiveness Rock Record). It's short-listed for this year's Polaris Music Prize for a very very good reason! You can stream this entire record at their website.