Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buddy Holly Glasses

Nobody in Melbourne's the Greasers wears Buddy Holly glasses, but if it wasn't for this press shot, I would have assumed that they would. They definitely pull most of their influences from the days of Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison and girl groups like the Ronettes. They have the bouncy guitar, glottal stop vocals, and you could also hear the "whoo-oo-oohs" and "sha-la-las" coming up.

But they're sound production is much more indie and there are hints of Pavement-esque slacker attitude that carries throughout their album Night to Night, which is available for free on their myspace.

According to their myspace, "Now that I'm a Rock N Roller, I don't ever have to write a resume again." Amen to that.

Greasers - Shelley (Likes to F**k) (mp3) (download entire album for free on their official site)