Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Actor and the Stage

Things are getting more dramatic. In a literal sense.

My drama class is putting on a play for young audiences. I hold a personal grudge against this script. It's a lot less intellectually compelling than what we did last year, Office Hours by Norm Foster. Damn, that Norm knows how to write a script. He raised my expectations for this year. But anyway! The thing I'm upset about most is I actually agreed to be the narrator. I don't mind the number of lines, really. But I have to watch everyone else bitch at each other in a PG-13 manner as the script directs, while I stand to the side and act proper. My peer-student-director held a meeting with the actors to discuss how we develop our characters.
She goes: So, tell me how you see your character.
I go: Um. I see myself-
She goes: Tell me in first person.
I go: Um. IIII see MYYYSEELFFF as...
While I'm answering this I'm thinking to myself "I'M THE EFFING NARRATOR. I DON'T HAVE CHARACTER". And on top of that, our teacher's watching over us like a vulture. It's like he's in super PMS mode.

But there's some good news. The Improv Club has finally been approved by out student council and will be hosting it's first meeting this wednesday. Yay! What will we do? I dunno. We'll just improvise.

Haha, get it?

Of Montreal - The Actor's Opprobium (MP3)
Dandy Warhols - Cool Scene (MP3)

Last but certainly not least, I wish to end off this post with a more solemn note.

Davy Grolton was a great man. May he rest in peace.

Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin (MP3)

I've been hearing that some people think this is "Foo Fighter Filler". Am I the only one that actually realy likes this song?

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