Friday, November 2, 2007

Back to Reality

So it's been almost a week since I've been back from holiday in Vietnam and I'm taking my time settling into the reality of work, class and other related real life events. The lifestyle is so different. People are poorer and the pace is slower, but everyone is so relaxed all the time. People sit around and soak in the sun and watch the world go by all day. Workers would walk out and sit around for a while, work, chat, sit around for a bit, play with the neighbourhood kids, sit around for a bit and so on. I know the grass is greener on the other side and all that, but it must be nice sometimes. The only time they aren't relaxed is when they are waiting in line or driving. They just HAVE to be two steps ahead. Old people literally push you out of the way so they can line up before you. It's kind of funny how everyone rushes around to slack off once they get to where they are going. I'm going to attempt to relax more in the new year.

Work work work (Pub Club Sleep) - The Rakes (mp3)
Crazy World - Richard Ashcroft (mp3)

But not just yet. I'm quite upset at the Markham Library, who has sent me a bill for the Bill Bryson book "In A Sunburned Country",which I returned sometime in August or September. I called them back to tell them I've returned it and since they can't find it, they're charging me for it. But I'm not paying it. Screw that. I'll just have to live with being banned from the library permanently. Which sucks, because there are so many books I wanna read!

Took out a Loan - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (mp3)
Six Barrel Shotgun - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (mp3)

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