Thursday, December 20, 2007

A good feeling

I have a good feeling about 2008. Don't know why and don't know how but it's going to be a good one. Even in terms of music, I know it's going to be good. You know why? Here is an example:

Franz Ferdinand will be releasing a new album, which means that they'll be touring again which means that they'll be coming back to Toronto again, which means that we may possibly get tickets to the show this time, which means that we may get to see them live. You see?
(Impressionable Youth: HELL YEAH!)

Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani Cover) (mp3)

What else? So maybe that's looking too far into the crystal ball, but I'm excited about about a couple of new releases.

The Duke Spirit will be releasing "Neptune" in February. I'm excited. It's got a Spiritualized, Mercury Rev, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club type of Anglophile rock sound.

The Duke Spirit - Lassoo (mp3)

The Raveonettes "Lust Lust Lust" should be out soon. It's been delayed since last November due to record label changes and from what I've heard it sounds pretty good. Sweet vocals and a Phil Spector wall of sound.

The Raveonettes - Hallucinations(mp3)

The Blakes has a new self titled album out, which has the kind of swagger of indie rock boys who don't really care (but they secretly do).

The Blakes - Don't Bother Me (mp3)

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