Sunday, December 16, 2007


A couple of days ago, Impressionable Youth and I got free passes to see a screening of the movie "Juno" at the Cumberland theatre. It was a cute movie, with the same kind of quirky awkwardness as the Royal Tenenbaums etc. It was about a sixteen year old girl played by Ellen Page who gets pregant and decides to give the baby up for adoption to a yuppie couple played by Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman, who plays Michael in "Arrested Development." We got t-shirts at the end of the film of a comic book in the movie staring Yuki, the Japanese pregnant manga superhero. Its one of those images that provokes a raised eyebrow expression and the uttering of "wtf?"

And the part in the film where they played Sonic Youth's cover of the Carpenter's "Superstar" brought back memories from when I was about 14 and I first saw the music video where Kim Gordon played the drums wearing a red dress. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that a girl was playing the drums.

Sonic Youth - Superstar (Carpenters cover) (mp3)

And thanks to all who helped ImpressionableYouth click on the Two Hours Traffic Banner. We got second place. Yay! So as a token of our gratitude, here are two previously unreleased live tracks that came with the winnings:

Two Hours Traffic - Sure Can Start (live) (mp3)
Two Hours Traffic - Better Sorry than Safe (live) (mp3)

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