Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Even Better than the Real Thing

So I think I've found my new television obsession! Jpod, the new CBC series based on the book of the same name by Vancouver-ite Douglas Coupland. He's been one of my favourite authors ever since I read "Shampoo Planet" back in grade 10, no matter how satirically grim he gets. Even my email address and obsessions with hippies and rugged city boys probably began there. Aside from all the preconceived notions, the show is actually quite good. It's got the post-modern quirkiness, Canadians and its a funny black comedy. And it's on Tuesday nights at 9pm, the same time as another favourite show, "House". Oh what to do?

Where have I seen the actor who plays Ethan before? He looks so familiar...

Moving aside, ImpressionableYouth introduced me to a Franz Ferdinand song "no", recorded as a musical interpretation of a poem, using the lyrics of David Shirgley. It's from Shirgley's 2005 book "Worried Noodles". The song is actually quite horrible, but somehow entertaining. Franz makes pretty good covers. Here's three more.

Franz Ferdinand - No (mp3)
Franz Ferdinand - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover) (mp3)
Franz Ferdinand - Mis-shapes (Pulp cover) (mp3)
Franz Ferdinand - It won't be long (Beatles cover) (mp3)

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