Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby, I'm a Lost Cause

So it's been a while, but that's only because I'm been daydreaming and procrastinating.

I've been dreaming of owning my own Toyota Jazz Scooter. I saw it at the Green Show at the Metro Convention Center in last year and it's been popping up in my mind ever since. And since the weather has been horrible lately, its easy to fantasize about zipping around in one of these in nice sunny weather with the wind in my hair. The base price is $3000 and while it isn't exactly practical since I don't even have a full time car, it's so adorable! I don't know, I'll have to see about this extravagance.

My cell phone is busted because my water bottle leaked in my bag (which is surprising waterproof) creating a fish tank for about half an hour before I realized that everything was floating around in water. So hopefully it will be fine once it dries out. Fingers crossed.

There's been alot of homework in my classes. I don't remember University requiring this much work. The assignment right now (which I will start later tonight) is to create a floor plan for a bungalow. This is supposed be a basic inspiration for our major project, which is to design a bungalow. I'm thinking of understated modern and compact spaces, almost like a split condo space with curving likes a la Alvar Aalto. I'm excited thinking about it but it's so hard to get started!

Handsome Furs - Cannot Get Started (mp3)

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Asian friends and family out there!

While the Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" seems like a weird choice to post for the New Year, I've always thought it sounded like the theme song for Wong Faye Hoang. If you speak Chinese, you've heard the song. Jet Li played Wong Faye Hoang in "Once Upon a Time in China" in a newer version of it. Take a listen both and tell me, am I right?

Arcade Fire - Wake Up (mp3)

Feist - It's cool to love your family (mp3)

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