Monday, February 18, 2008

The Colour of Sound

So, to those of you who know me know my six year connection to the retail giant, the Gap. It's a love-hate relationship and while they had a rocky 2007, there are lots of changes in the air. They have a new head designer, Patrick Robinson, whose first collection should be the Fall 2008 line. He has worked for the high end market such as Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein and Perry Ellis.

The company is also taking a new route in terms of advertising but the way of music. Due to the enormous success of the past few years of music and merchandising advertisements a la Feist/IPod and Moby/everything else, Gap has commissioned a series of music videos to the San Francisco production company Rehab for their Spring 2008 campaign. The result is a a representation of five colours, each given to a different artist to interpret. The Raveonettes, the Blakes, Marie Digby, the Swizz Beatz and Dntel are involved with this project and free downloads are available until March 15, 2008.

For the full story and corresponding music videos, please visit the Sound of Color.

Dntel - Turning Red (mp3)

Marie Digby - Paint me in your Sunshine (mp3)

Swizz Beatz - Candy Green (mp3)

The Blakes - Magic (mp3)

The Raveonettes - Black/White (mp3)

Raveonettes - Black/White

I'm biased, but I'm especially liking the video for the Raveonettes' Black/White.

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