Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mini Street Team

Have you ever noticed that at Impressionable Youth, we spend alot of time praising those whom we like alot? It's like Alexander Keith's Pale Ale, "those who like it, like it alot". Whenever I use the computer to do work, I keep another window open just to look up music, which can be tedious and time consuming and can yield no results all in the hopes that through the pile of crap, sometime out there shines like a light at the end of the mediocrity.

The big indie blogs are a constant source source of inspiration, updating us and yourselves on all the current news, but here, it's more like a little tiny internet street team. We love our music and we'll keep posting the internet version of paper flyers with little hearts and exclamation marks surrounding things we think are cool.

And recently I just found this little gem:

The Mary Onettes - Still (mp3)
I love this song. This track is taken from their debut album and it's got a romantic gloomy swirling darkness that you can hear in its sound. I simply adore this kind of new wave, neo-goth sound that became popular in the 80's with the Cure, OMD and Johnny Hates Jazz.

In other news:

Rilo Kiley will be playing at the Phoenix on Wednesday May 28. They've toured supporting their latest album "Under the Blackligth" here last fall, took a break to pursue solo projects and they will be back in the spring much to the excitement of one of my friends who emailed me with multiple exclamation marks announcing that she's dropping everything for that show!

Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld (mp3)

Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining (mp3)

Stephen Malkmus has a new album out called "Real Emotional Trash". On an interview with Pitchfork, he had this to say about the title:
"That's one of the songs on the album, and I'd never done that before, but the girls said that they liked it as an album title [laughs]. I had some other ones, but that was the one they liked the best. It's trashy, and it's real, but emotional it is and it isn't. That's about as significant as it is. A lot of letters, maybe too many, but you know, that's the problem for the guy that's laying out stuff on the cover. But at least it's not two words. Doesn't rhyme either." (Source)

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Baltimore (mp3)

The Raveonettes will be playing a free instore show at Sonic Boom Friday March 21 at Sonic Boom Records at 6:30pm before their show at the Opera House.

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