Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Neverending White Lights

Yesterday, ImpressionableYouth and I headed over to Yonge St to see Neverending White Lights play at Sunrise Records as part of Record Store Day. I've been curious to hear how the songs sounded without the guest vocalists who appear on the albums. His first album, Act I: Goodbye Friends of Heavenly Bodies featured guests such as Emm Gryner and Dallas Green (Alexisonfire, City & Colour). Dallas performed the song "the Grace" which was the track that first brought the Neverending White Lights to my attention. Act II: The Blood and Life Eternal features Sune Rose Wagner (the Raveonettes), Hawksley Workman, Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Auf der Maur) and Lexi Valentine (Magneta Lane) amongst others.

It was a good set. Joined by two other musicans, Daniel Victor (the mastermind behind the Neverending White Lights) sang and played guitar for short acoustic-ish set. B-Rad (I think that's what he was introduced as), the percussionist played rhythm with a pen, a cup of glass and an empty bottle filled with mung beans. It's cool how improvisation works.

I'm not too familar with the names of the songs so when Daniel Victor asked if anybody had requests, I had songs I wanted him to play but I just couldn't remember them at the top of my head. It would have been embarrassing if I shouted out something that doesn't exist. Anyways, I'm glad they played "The World is Darker" which is one of my favourites, sang by Melissa Auf der Maur in the studio version. The song "Always" was the highlight of the show though.

They played later that night at the Danforth Music Hall.

Neverending White Lights (feat. Dallas Green) - The Grace (mp3)
Neverending White Lights (feat. Melissa Auf der Maur) - The World is Darker (mp3)
Neverending White Lights - Always (mp3)

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