Saturday, April 5, 2008

Save JPod! Say No to Steve!

The CBC has decided to cancel JPod. I'm saddened about how this wonderfully written and compellingly random series is going off the air next season. It never even had a chance since it was moved from its Tuesday night slot to Friday nights. The ideas set forth by this show are pretty out there, but it's just so entertaining! Just watch this clip that explains how the top videos on Youtube (or in the JPod universe, All Tube) get selected.

Anyways, a couple of fans is trying to save the Pod through, where you too, can say No to Steve and sign a petition to stop the madness!

Tragically Hip - In View (mp3)


Firefly said...

I too am so upset over jPods' Cancellation. They really should take Web Cast Viewings into account towards ratings - of course we're watching it online, jPod's Target Audience is not staying home to watch the Tube on Fridays.

Bah, I've had it with the CBC.

Edie said...

That's true. I thought the scheduling of JPod was a problem too. I had to start watching it online when they switched the timeslot.

K said...

CBC is rebroadcasting the first season of jPod over the summer (Thursdays 8pm, starting June 19). We believe that improved ratings can convince CBC to save the show. Please tune in and spread the word! For more information: