Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cool Los Angeles

Meet Princeton.

They are a three piece, consisting of Jesse and Matt Kivel and Ben Usen, hailing from Los Angeles. I first heard of them through My Old Kentucky Blog and was instantly was drawn to their sparse folkish arrangements with poppy melodies from their first EP entitled "A Case of the Emperor's New Clothes EP". Their next release entitled "the Bloomsbury EP" is set to be released in the summer and currently they are touring with the Vampire Weekend in the states, but with any luck, they should be getting the indie hype that their fellow tourmates are receiving.

Apparently, the group first got the idea to pursue music after watching the movie "That thing you do" as kids. What a defining moment!

Princeton - Blackbeard (mp3)
Princeton - The Indifference Curve (mp3)

And also give a warm welcome to Midnight Movies.They are quartet also hailing form Los Angeles with a sound that conjures up images of late nights and the sight and sound of lights and cars passing through a big city. Their new ep, "Nights" features a version of the song "Patient Eye" on their last album "Lion the Girl" which has been remixed by James Iha (of A Perfect Circle and the Smashing Pumpkins). I could tell by the first few bars that this is going to be one of the few bands whom will define 2008 for me. Their sound is strangely familiar but I can't quite pin down the influences.

Midnight Movies - Patient Eye (James Iha Remix) (mp3)

Midnight Movies - Parallel Paramour (mp3)

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