Friday, May 23, 2008

Hip to be Square

Sonic Youth
has created some controversy by deciding to release a somewhat-best-of album exclusively at Starbucks on June 9th called Hits are for Squares. Each of the 15 tracks on the album has been handpicked by musicians, actors and literary friends of the band, save for the one new track "Slow Revolution". So far, it's only being released in major cities in the States, but you can also buy it from Starbuck's website at Some fans are showing some disapprovement in the blogosphere above the corporate sponsorship of this album, and while I don't like having only one option to get my hands on it, I'm too excited about the tracks selected here.

Okay, so "Kool Thing" (chosen by Mike D) and "100%" (chosen by Radiohead) are not surprising choices, but I love that more obscure tracks, particularly "Stones" (chosen by Allison Anders) made it onto here. I think if I got to choose a song by Sonic Youth, I would have included "Stones" as well. If you listen to it at around the 4:15 mark, you'll know why it deserves to be on here!

Sonic Youth - Stones (mp3)

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