Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Hours and still late!

On Saturday, we went to Lee's Palace to see Two Hours Traffic and while people have recommended the two openers, Mardeen and We Are the Take, we were still late. A friend forgot her ID at home.

Anyways, we missed Mardeen but we managed to see We are the Take. It was a pretty good set and while I thought that the basswork and vocals had qualities reminiscent of say, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (well, some would say that everything's BRMC to me), now listening to their songs again, I would say that I was totally out of it that night. It's SO different than BRMC.

Two Hours Traffic's set was awesome of course. They played a tight set consisting of some new songs and old favourites. Which is to say favourites, since these songs couldn't possibly be older than 5 or 6 years old. We all had a head-bobbingly good time, leading to a guy in the audience shouting out random stuff leading to a crowd chant of "one more song!".

The band asked Mardeen and We are the Take to come out and perform Mardeen's "Telephone" and I wished I had made it to the show earlier. That one hook laden song was so much fun! But it also turns out that a couple of guys who were standing around the mechandise table earlier when we were buying stuff from the bands we saw earlier were actually in Mardeen! Oops. Awkward! But in my defence, I didn't know they were in Mardeen or the fact that there songs were so great before since I wasn't there! I'll have to check them out when they're playing again next time, that one song promises so much awesomeness. Note to self: next time, ask people behind merchandise table more questions!

Mardeen - Telephone (mp3)
We are the Take - Montreal Love Song (mp3)
Two Hours Traffic - I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone (mp3)

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