Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Avenue Q in Toronto

The last post I made featured some of Sesame St's finest moments. The description that I best remember someone used to describe this Tony Award winning musical, Avenue Q, was "Sesame St. on crack". And you know what? It's sorta true.

The story focuses on Princeton, a young puppet fresh out of college, struggling to find his purpose in life. He moves into the fictional Avenue Q, where he finds a handful of eccentric characters that each have their own troubles to deal with. The ensemble includes Kate Monster, a young school teacher, Gary Coleman (yes, that Gary Coleman), Rod and Nicky, the Q equivalents of Ernie and Bert, and Trekkie Monster. Think Cookie Monster, but instead of cookies, it's porn.

Maybe you can already tell that this particular puppet show isn't meant for kids. Perhaps this is made more obvious with song titles such as:

Original Broadway Cast of Avenue Q - B.A. in English/It Sucks to be Me
If You Were Gay
Original Broadway Cast of Avenue Q -Everyone's a Little Bit Racist (mp3)
Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (when you're making love)

Here's a lovely medley performed by the London cast.

I'm hoping that the touring cast is just as talented. I've been looking forward to this for so long! Sadly I'm out of town this week and can't see it yet. D=

Avenue Q is in Toronto. The show starts today at the Elgin Theatre and runs until August 31st. Buy your tickets NOW!

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