Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love's Labour's Lost

You know that feeling when you fall in love with a particular song?
You listen to it ad nauseam and miraculous you still love it.
Inspired by this love, you decide to take a chance and google the band to find out more about them.
It's a leap of faith, but for this one song, it is worth it.
Lo and behold, your instincts have not failed you and it turns out you totally love this band's other songs too! You know that feeling?

Riding on the wave of this exhilarating experience, you do more digging to find out when you can see this newly beloved band live.... only to find out they've disbanded about 5 months ago?!?

Yep, that's what I'm feeling right now.

So, though belatedly, I am currently mourning the loss of The Format. Their brand of peppy indie rock just makes my heart sing! Why, oh why, couldn't I have found them just a bit earlier? Or better yet, why didn't they just stay together?

Sigh, at least we will always have the music...

The Format - The First Single (mp3)
The Format - Dead End (mp3)

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