Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Airborne Toxic Event

I love this webcam shot.

This five piece just can't do anything wrong. It's silly to feel this way, but I feel like ever since I first heard of them, they've been making moves to win me over.

I found them last year by randomly clicking on the top musician friends of some bands that I liked. They hail from Los Angeles and at the time, they only had four songs available for preview on their profile, all of them brilliant. The indie scene latched onto them immediately following the release of a three-song EP and I've been keeping an eye on them ever since. They've recently signed with Majordomo Records (base for Impressionable favourite, Earlimart) and their debut self-titled LP is due on August 5th.

To lead up to that, the band has recorded ten videos in which they play acoustic versions of their songs in peculiar settings. Every week for ten weeks, they'll post a one on youtube. We're currently on week six. Most of these songs have only been heard by their live audiences, so it really keeps me watching and waiting. I'm also excited to find out what sort of obscure setting they'll be playing in next.

Here's the story thus far:

Week 1 - Wishing Well

Week 2 - Papillon

Week 3 - Gasoline

Week 4 - Happiness if Overrated

Week 5 - Does This Mean You're Moving On?

Week 6 - This is Nowhere

Needless to say, I'm completely smitten. I'll be posting the next four videos as they come.

Airborne Toxic Event - Wishing Well (mp3)

Visit them on mySpace!

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